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Texas is in Andrew Murr's blood

Andrew Murr - an 8th generation Texan, descendant of a pioneering family of one of our brave defenders of the Alamo, and grandson of former Governor Coke R. Stevenson – Representative Murr comes from a long line of Texans committed to making our state a better place to live for future generations. Read more about State Representative Andrew Murr...

I’m in Austin again today for the second meeting of the Select Committee on Opioid and Substance Abuse. Today’s hearing focuses on substance abuse in specified populations such as pregnant women, children in foster care, veterans, homeless individuals, and those with mental illness. Testimony is provided by many qualified witnesses representing numerous state agencies, private hospitals, treatment centers, and state and local experts on substance abuse from all around the state.

I was in Kerrville yesterday giving the welcome to Ag Lenders with the Texas Bankers Association. I also stopped by the Boys and Girls Club to present a Proclamation to kick off Boys and Girls Club Week in Kerrville which is April 9-13. I am thankful for the support our Boys and Girls Clubs gives our youth across the country. To learn more about how you can help, visit: http://kerrvillekroc.org/?page_id=6362

I’m in Austin today as a committee member for the first meeting of the House Select Committee on Opioids and Substance Abuse. With the on-going crisis in the country and the state, the interim topics that this committee is studying are especially potent. Today’s hearing focused on a general overview of the problem, the costs to the state, current policies in place, and how opioid and substance abuse affects multiple facets of our population. Many different organizations and state agencies testified today, including one of my own constituents, Ms. Cynthia Humphrey, the Executive Director of the Association of Substance Abuse Programs, Texas (ASAP). Please be engaged in this important policy discussion in your community and at the state level.

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